The Power of Infinite Thinking

Thinking beyond the finite challenges and obstacles to unlock the opportunity that lies within adversity.

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Dad, global speaker, author, three times- stage four – brain cancer survivor, endurance athlete, radical optimist.

Learn from an ultimate survivor. Richard is no stranger to massive disruption, turmoil and huge adversity having faced off three terminal brain cancer prognoses in the space of four years. It is what Richard achieved during those four years though that truly sets him apart as an infinite thinker. Refusing to live within the confines of what his specialists deemed possible for a cancer victim, Richard completed four full IRONMAN races and a number of other endurance events with stage four brain cancer, challenging the boundaries of the possible. Having emerged stronger, wiser and more resilient than ever, Richard is perfectly poised to help and inspire others to discover how to thrive within unchartered territory and seek the opportunities that forced change reveals. 

“I just had the privilege to experience true leadership. In this difficult time Richard is more active than ever trying to help others. His powerful message is so relevant to our current situation and I would encourage all to allow Richard to challenge thinking and to inspire, motivate and encourage. The feedback from my team was phenomenal.” Lubin Ozoux Group Director, Sumitomo Rubber South Africa

  • Length: 45 Minutes
  • Slides: Yes
  • Q&A: Yes

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