Leadership Resilience

Seven questions for every leader in today’s world, where resilience is the currency of leadership in an ever changing world that demands agility, adaptability and responsiveness.

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Dad, global speaker, author, three times- stage four – brain cancer survivor, endurance athlete, radical optimist.

The presentation utilises Richard’s four year journey fighting three terminal brain cancer diagnoses, during which he finished numerous extreme endurance events whilst being treated for the disease. Examples of resilience, leadership, identity, change, disruption, tenacity and purpose provide the structure to much of the content. Richard is a storyteller and the vehicle of the story creates a powerful backdrop. 

“Richard connected with our team in an insightful, challenging, and uplifting manner as he shared eye opening thoughts and explored the power of infinite thinking and mindset shifts in leadership during a crisis. Leadership starts with you was the overriding takeaway. Powerful and truly inspirational.” – Craig Featherby, CEO Carrick Wealth.

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