Fuck Your Pride

Build a business that makes your proud

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Howard is the founder of The Business Brickyard, a hybrid coaching and consulting company for businesses going through times of struggle. He is also the author of the acclaimed book, Your Business Brickyard – Getting back to basics to make your business more fun to run.

Why would a smart business owner, CEO or board of directors not ask for help when the likely alternative is their business ceases to exist?  Pride.  This talk will hold a very well lit mirror up to yourself and have you figure out whether you want to protect your pride or build a business that makes you proud. 

Your pride is killing your business (And it is not doing much to help your life either).  This talk will explore how pride is the silent killer for every entrepreneur and how it shows up in your strategy, sales, marketing and operations.  More importantly, you will get a roadmap to break the trap of pride and ego so you can finally build the business you have always wanted.

  • Length: 30 Minutes
  • Slides: Yes
  • Q&A: Yes

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