Does your company need a side hustle?

A side hustle could save or reinvent your business

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Nic Haralambous is an obsessive entrepreneur, acclaimed author and global keynote speaker. He is the co-founder of and hosts a podcast called The Curious Cult Show.

When your main business bottoms out, your gut reaction is to scramble to make up new revenue somewhere else. 

In this talk, Nic engages with your team about the need to find extra sources of income for your business. Talking with your team about the best ways to find new income streams, temporary side hustles and potential permanent shifts from what once was your core business model to something new and current. 

Not every business needs a side hustle, however. Sometimes waiting, planning and saving for a rainy day is the better path to follow.

  • Length: 30 Minutes
  • Slides: Yes
  • Q&A: Yes

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