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Why companies should focus more on culture add than fit

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David McQueen is passionate about leadership and helping leaders to communicate for personal and business growth. An international speaker, board advisor and executive coach he has worked with corporates and non profits to develop their senior, middle and emerging leadership teams. He is the host of the Leadership Decoded podcast. His list of clients include Mercedes Benz, BMW, JP Morgan, Uber, Facebook, Google, Bloomberg and Barnados. David has spoken at conferences in Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia and North America, a 3x TEDx speaker he is also a TED fellow.

Culture doesn’t eat strategy for breakfast instead it learns how to work alongside it for the success of an organisation.

At the heart of an engaged workforce is a thriving culture. One where employees are aware of what it takes for their company to do well and for them to feel like they belong.

This keynote explores the values, behaviours and mindsets of the best organisations to work for, how they maintain it through strategic narratives and how other companies can learn the same, by focusing on the talent that add rather than just fit into a culture.

  • Length: 45 Minutes
  • Slides: Yes
  • Q&A: Yes

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