About Remote Keynote

Nic has been a global keynote speaker for more than ten years and believes that the world becomes smaller as technology connects more and more people. He loves speaking in front of an audience and thinks that the time has arrived for speakers to reach more people in more places more of the time. 

Why did we create the website?

We created the Remote Keynote platform to bring people together. That’s our goal. Whether you are part of a remote team or participating in a digital event, you should have access to the best speakers presenting top keynotes about interesting and diverse topics. 

Presenting a keynote to a group of people should be digital, it should be simple and you should be able to select a speaker from anywhere in the world without incurring the costs associated with real-life events. 

What does the platform do?

Remote Keynote provides digital keynote presentations for your remote team. Delivered live and in real-time. Search for your favourite topics and your team’s obsession and find a keynote that will blow their minds. 

Why does it do this?

Asking your remote team or digital event attendees to watch a recorded video is not engaging. Watching a Youtube video doesn’t galvanize a team around an idea and it definitely won’t ensure that people jump on a call and stay on that call. Listening to and watching an expert speaker present a globally relevant, top-class digital keynote will bring your team together and keep them engaged.

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