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Remote Keynote is the leading digital platform for keynote speakers and remote teams to connect. The best speakers from around the world are ready to present a keynote talk to your remote team or digital event, in person and live.

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Shared experiences bring teams together. Remote Keynote offers unique experiences from the best speakers in the world just for your team.

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Watching pre-recorded talks leaves viewers distracted and often bored. Engage and inspire your team with live keynotes delivered in real-time.

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Today's Featured Keynotes

Nic Haralambous

Living in 2020 is like magic

In this talk, Nic takes you and your team through a magical journey of technology, advancements, solutions and businesses that have made this generation a magical time to be alive.

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Richard Wright

Leadership Resilience

The Keynote is centred around seven questions to leaders revolving around;
Emotional intelligence, A self-care plan, Critical characteristics to succeed in a changing landscape, Fixed beliefs and assumptions, Purpose, Influence and control, GRIT.

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Nic Haralambous

Does your company need a side hustle?

In this talk, Nic engages with your team about the need to find extra sources of income for your business. Talking with your team about the best ways to find new income streams, temporary side hustles and potential permanent shifts.

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Simon Dingle

Go Business

A look at designing innovation through the lens of one of Japan’s oldest gaming companies and most-loved brands

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Rapelang Rabana

Becoming a Digital Master

Driving digital transformation in an organization is about much more than learning about digital or exponential technologies. At the end of the day, professional and

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Don Packett


Google“how to maintain energy as a leader” and you’ll get 180-million potential options to choose from. Or, learn from the best. Learn from leaders across gender, race and time. Those who led scores of nations or businesses or, in fact, just themselves, into greatness. The beauty of these lessons is that they’re not difficult to understand, but are a challenge to master if you’re not prepared to make the effort.

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Rich Mulholland

Something to believe in

With stories from Vietnam, to Punk Rock, to his own business experience, Richard Mulholland will provoke your team into action, and give them something to believe in.

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Don Packett


LEGO, puzzle-makers and IKEA have been tricking us for years. “Buy our product, and build it yourself.” What a simple, powerful business model! But, do you have what it takes to re-think your business operations and offering to secure this lucrative model?

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